Tuesday, 6 December 2011

RPO: Making Your IT Recruitment Effective

Today we live in the growing world of technology which are creates by the means of software/hardware development, which has boosted the market for IT recruiting. For which the HR’s of the company had or are moving towards the information technology knowledge base. Most commonly the IT recruitments are done for software companies where all these technologies are developed.

More importantly it should be noted that the recruitment team should have good knowledge about information technology and a brief knowledge about the skill sets like java, xml, html, css etc. Having this would not only help in resume screening but also get the eligible candidate for the company.

Mostly all of the software companies have hiring policies and strategies that they follow to get the best candidate for their organization. They also keep in touch with educational placement departments, recruiters etc. to get the best talent. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) as its becoming a growing trend, companies are opting them rather than having in house human resource or hiring to save cost and getting the best candidate. RPO firms have talented and expert IT recruiters that can help you to get the best IT candidate matching your requirement with faster time line.

Whenever hiring is done at a level where prior experience and expertise is required it would be a waste of time to hire a person having no knowledge or need to be trained. RPO firms or recruitment process outsourcing can save your waste of time and get the best possible candidate for the job.

It has been noted that RPO (recruitment process outsourcing ) has made your recruiting effective and cost saving to get the best out of the talent pool.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Recruitment & Staffing Mistakes: How to Avoid Them

We have to agree to the fact that employees are the backbone of any company & organization, and this truth is also accepted by most of the companies. We should understand that it is the efforts of the employees and their talent, productivity, passion that helps us to get success in the market. A company or an organization that consists of talented employees can provide you the opportunity to compete in the market and stay in the top list and they can also help you develop new products and services to increase their business approach.

To get good results from your recruitment process you have to perform your recruitment process with great attention. Recruitment of a good candidate consists of various inter-related steps that are to be followed efficiently to get the best talent in the market. But in many organization and companies these factors are lacking and some mistakes are encountered, which can lead to undesirable or wrong selection of candidate for the job. Some of the common mistakes are mentioned:
  • Irrelevant Target Sourcing
  • Not Mentioning Job Accomplishments/Benefits
  • Less Communication during the Selection Process
  • Biased Resume Screening
  • Lack in Telephonic Resume Screening
  • Reference Check not Effective

Friday, 2 December 2011

An Overview on Offshore Staffing

Offshore Staffing is hiring a professional employee away from the company location or in other countries, from where he/she can perform activities for your company. This is also called “Offshore Staffing”. Many businesses are offshore outsourcing their non-core areas of activities to outsourcing companies that specialize in the required field of work. The major reason for outsourcing staffing or offshore staffing is to reduce the cost to some extent and also focus more on their core area of services.

Hiring dedicated offshore staff is becoming the increasing the trend for many companies, so that they can work exclusively for them and that too at a lower cost having good skills to perform the activities efficiently.

Some of the reasons why offshore staffing or offshore outsourcing is becoming popular are:
  • Exclusively working dedicated staff
  • Minimal/Eliminated cost of internal recruitment
  • Reduction in infrastructural cost
  • Access to the talented pool of professionals
Apart from several benefits there are challenges that are to be faced by the company that is searching for reliable outsourcing companies that can provide excellent talents in reasonable costs and in faster time.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Outsourcing Website Designing

We all know the benefits of outsourcing is to get the cost low, time saving and get the best services or people to do that job. Website designing is not left untouched from outsourcing, for the simple reason that you can get much better work done on your website design with the best sources available. If you get one contracted for you he/she will work as per their capability and work on one module at a time, whereas, by outsourcing you can get the work or the website ready faster because they are experts and team working on different part/module to get your website ready faster and with the best effort & skills.

Outsourcing of your website designing to other companies that are located in distant places especially in developing countries like India, Malaysia etc. can save you a lot of money rather than hiring individuals or private companies. Outsourcing companies those offer you web designing services can provide you professional with great skills and get a great work that you need on your website. They can also create brand logos, banners, images etc for your website.

Mostly people would like to have a website only when they want to launch their business online and by getting your business online you are increasing the approach of the audience towards your business. If your business nature is product based and you want to get it online you can get an ecommerce website designing using the best technology having the option of online payment like paypal, credit card etc. You can create a online shopping cart for your visitor to offer them online convenience of shopping. Outsourcing offers faster turnaround time for your business.

The very simple fact is that if you choose to outsource your website designing work you can avoid extensive stress of creating the website on your own. When you outsource your website designing task to a company you will be involved in the updates that are made in your websites creation. Whenever you feel that you don’t like anything or you want anything added to your website, you can get it notified immediately to the designer. Also, outsourcing can help you focus in more productive work which can generate profits.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Strategies to Hire the Best Every Time

Apart from strategies, effort, research and experience there is nothing that can help you get/hire the best or the top people in the industry. There are certain strategies and science to be followed to get the best recruitment done in the company. Every company follows strategies to hire the best for their company and this is repetitive every time there is a job opening in the company.

There are some strategies, techniques, processes and tools that are used to get the best hired people for the organization. Some of them are mentioned here and they will also help you understand or rather analyze where you stand and evaluate yourself.

Whenever any hiring is done, it’s done keeping in mind the idea of hiring the top professional and providing the message that you are offering enhanced career opportunity rather than just a job. This message should always be conveyed whenever the jobs are posted, jobs ads are posted, job advertising is done. Some of them are:
  • Offering Attractive Jobs: Rather than mentioning traditional job skills, descriptions, qualification and experience, you can emphasize about the benefits that the employee will get like learning, do, profile and the organization impact that person can make.
  • It’s about career not money: Whenever a job opening is posted it should be about career growth which states what impact he can have over the organization and what are the opportunities for growth.
The above strategies and techniques are just basic, more in details will be published soon.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Reasons of Better Outsourcing Services in India

Most of us know that India is the hub of providing outsourcing solutions to companies around the world. There are more than thousand firms that are providing outsourcing solutions like BPO, KPO services. Outsourcing services to India can offer you many advantages like saving operating cost, time and good quality. In today’s economy there is lots of pressure on companies to provide excellent services with low cost to retain or gain new customers.

Outsourcing services to India are profitable and cost effective as you can find great talent and expert professional at low wages to perform outsourcing services. By outsourcing work to companies the businesses/management can concentrate on making profitable strategies to gain profits in the business.

Benefits that achieved by outsourcing services to India are:
  • Increase sales & profits
  • Increased customer base
  • More qualified lead generation
  • Customer retention and customer satisfaction
  • Cost Reduction
  • Good quality of services
Apart from the above advantages, below are some of the reasons why India has been chosen for outsourcing services:
  • Cost effective infrastructure and support services
  • Wide number of English speaking professionals
  • Well educated and talented people
  • Professionally trained executives to provide proper outsourcing services
The above mentioned reasons and points are justifiable enough to get outsourcing solutions to your service and getting quality results out of them.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO

KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing are closely related to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) but in knowledge process outsourcing the people that are required are to be of high skills in comparison to business process outsourcing. In KPO you need experts that have in-depth knowledge in the field that is outsourced.

We all know that information is knowledge and knowledge processing is a continuous task where the information is gathered and created through the industry experts and when that knowledge/information is outsourced it is knowledge process outsourcing.

As we know outsourcing has many advantages of saving costs, skilled resources and good quality. There are many knowledge based outsourcing that are done by many companies like web application, market research and analysis, data management, publishing, content development etc. The biggest industry that shares a major part of KPO is data management and search integration.

India has a vast share in providing outsourcing solutions to businesses abroad and this also applies for Knowledge Process Outsourcing, and it is increasing day-by-day and set to become leader in KPO industry. There are many advantages for which KPO is being outsourced to India:
  • Lower Cost
  • Established Support Infrastructure
  • Government support
  • Experts and qualified professionals
Companies that offer KPO services look for diverse knowledge and expertise in their respective domain and that is why KPO is creating large number of career opportunities for talented and educated professionals.